Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On Being Still

photo courtesy of the Porch Sitting Union of America

Sometime in the past month, one of my Face Book friends posted this picture and immediately I stopped what I was doing to just gaze and breathe. It's one of those scenes that truly arrested my attention, reminding me that I am too busy, too occupied, too much of the time.

I have gone to the website from which this picture originated and found it to be a collection (a very large one) of beautiful photographs, mostly of porches, but always of pleasant places to sit and relax.  

This particular scene touched me so deeply that I printed it up and have it clipped to the calendar above the desk in my study. It reminds me that taking a few minutes to sit and just breathe quietly in and out, in and out, is highly beneficial to body, mind, and spirit. 

Although we are to be busy about the work our Lord has given us to do, there are times when we need to be still and ponder His sovereignty in our lives. It is highly possible that all we think we need to accomplish really isn't so important. If we are honest with ourselves, we'll never get it all done. 

"Sit Quietly and Listen … the answer will come." That's good advice.

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  1. Oh, Barbara, thank you so much for those sweet comments on my blog today.

    And, this picture reminds me of the scripture: Be still and know that I am God. Yes, we are all way to busy and sometimes doing nothing.

    Blessings abundant!