Monday, April 14, 2014

3 Gifts Found Looking Up

Today's Joy Dare from Ann Voskamp is to be thankful for "3 Gifts Found Looking Up."  What a fun challenge this is!

My first one is the ceiling fan in our great room.  It's not running now because we are at that time of year when the sunshine is warm one day and we've got rain-mixed-with-snow the next.  But the time will come in a couple of months or so when this fan will be running all the time! I'm thankful for it!

My second one is the traffic signals that help vehicles to maintain law and order.  I have seen on television and movies how chaotic traffic can be in other countries.  I'm always grateful for the orderliness of our traffic.  I realize much of our traffic leaves a lot to be desired, but generally speaking, we've got a good thing going with our traffic systems. This is something easily overlooked but today I am registering my gratitude for it.

My third "Gift Found Looking Up" is our nation's flag.  Our country has its faults and we need to be praying for our government leaders daily, but this is still the best place to live in all of the world.  I thank God for the privilege of being an American!


  1. I loved this post Barbara, really made me realize just how many things we often overlook in being grateful. Such a nice post! Easter blessings!

  2. I find Colorado traffic and road conditions so much better than that of New York's! Traffic here, thankfully, just does not compare. :)