Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanks for Ordinary Days

Note: Today's article is a re-post from this same blog on March 1 2014. Time is short for me this weekend so a "re-run" is my solution. 

I, along with most people, need to be reminded occasionally of the blessings that come with 'ordinary days.' In retrospect, they weren't the dreary thing they seemed at the time and were in actuality building blocks to where we are today.

Blessings to my readers,

Sue gave Mary and me each a little solar-powered sun flower. I keep mine in the guest room because the sunshine coming through the window is the fuel that makes the little blossom swing back and forth and the leaves to pump up and down. The sunnier the day, the more it moves.  I am always happiest when the flower is bobbing around.  Today was one of those days.

It is Thursday as I type, although this post won't be ready for my reading public until Saturday.  On Thursdays I usually do the grocery shopping. I am a list-maker and before that, a menu planner.  If I don't have structure, I don't function very well at all.  People may think I have it all together, but I don't. Like most people, I  don't like to be at loose ends before my public. 

I tried a different (for me) grocery store that's on the far end of the Interstate from where I live.  The few times I've happened to be in there, it seemed so spacious, well-stocked, and not crowded.  I attribute that last description to it's location, at the last freeway exit before leaving town.  The other grocery shopping options are centrally-located and always bustling. 

What I found in this new place was that the aisles were pretty narrow  for passing shopping carts and they don't carry some brands to which I am devoted.  I got what I could easily find and decided the place (although very clean, orderly and polite) did not meet my other druthers. The extra miles to get there were not worth the difference to me.

One thing in its favor, however, is that from the parking lot one gets a really good view of the cowboy-western landscapes for which Our Town is known. I do appreciate getting to see things like this on a daily basis since we moved out of Metro City.

When I got home, Beloved had a few spare minutes between conference calls, so he helped carry in the grocery bags.  I put things away (one of my least favorite tasks in the entire week) and then sat down for a lunch of leftover baked salmon served cold over leftover green salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.  

By the way, when I make my menu plans, I try to use up leftovers for lunch as much as possible, giving us a break from the usual soup or sandwich rut.  

Then it was time to get back out to finish the grocery shopping. Walmart.  Some people don't like to shop at the big box stores, but Beloved and I find most of what we need at this local retailer.  And ours is a big one.  It even sells fish for pets! That was something I noticed last year when we decided to move to Our Town and I was surveying my shopping options.  Not all Walmarts sell fish.  

I have to tell you that I don't have a fish tank and don't want one.  I don't even go look at the fish very often. But the fact that my store has fish is an indicator to me of how large it is.

Anyway, at this store I can buy the brand of coffees that Beloved needs to jumpstart his brain every morning.  (Just so you will know, I'm not being disrespectful when I put it that way.  That's his phraseology.) He starts out with Hazelnut for his first cup with breakfast. He follows that up with Breakfast Blend as he heads toward his office at the front of the entry hall. Then if the mental cobwebs still persist he will sometimes have a third (and final) cup of coffee for the day, Chocolate Glazed Donut. 

By the time I got the second shopping trip  done, returned home, and put it all away, I was tempted to spend some time in my recliner. But I was afraid it would swallow me up and nothing more would be accomplished for the rest of the day.

A better use of my time would be to sew in the basement for a while on my current project. Also, Beloved was taking a break in the same area by walking on the treadmill.  So although we were in the same room, we were very involved with our own pursuits.  If we were to try to carry on a conversation, it would be useless since we can't hear each other over the motors on our machines --  the joys of aging!

Tomorrow is trash day, so late this afternoon I kept a little pledge I've made to myself to see if there is a drawer, a closet, or some files I can clean out with stuff to go into the garbage can.  I chose to look at my file cabinet.  In the process of that, I came across a collection of 33 year's worth of Christmas newsletters we have sent out (since 1980).  I scanned through many of them and was struck with all the wonderful people, places, and things that have made up my life as a wife, mother, and keeper of the home. (and no, I most certainly did not throw them away!)

At the end of the afternoon, I did finally have to seek refuge in my recliner. Weariness had caught up to me.  At the same time, Beloved (who takes hints pretty well most of the time) decided this was a good time to suggest dining out with the big red bird.  I did not turn him down.

Although I have lost 10 pounds over the last four months with my gluten-free, mostly raw vegan eating, I still require an occasional shot of B12 in the form of a juicy hamburger. 

Experience has taught me that most gluten-free breads (and hamburger buns) taste like wallpaper paste, so I opt for a lettuce wrap. Let me tell you, when they encase the whole thing with paper, it's for good reason.  The sandwich is wonderful but messy, so that paper holds it all together (pretty well, anyway).  

This has been an ordinary Thursday for me, and I am not complaining. While I didn't win a million dollar jackpot and my kids still live entirely too far away, there are many disasters that did not befall me.  It's been a day of blessed peace.  

A lot of ordinary days can add up to a wonderful life when one stops and looks back on them. 


  1. I love your last comment! More people need to reflect on that when we get a case of the "I want's". Thanks for your thoughtful piece.

  2. When I got to the part about newsletters since 1980, I was so happy that you had not tossed them out in a decluttering moment. They must make for a wonderful family history. Perhaps we should all do this and keep it for our own record. We love Wal*Mart here. The prices are lower than other places and we can usually find what we need. (No fish at our store, though there used to be.)

  3. Good morning! For some reason I really love reading about the ordinary days we all live...just the simple day to day for some reason. Enjoyed yours, though I am glad to hear you saved those newsletters. I too find myself avoiding that recliner too early, because once there, it IS very hard to move Enjoy your day!

  4. What fun to see your solar-powered dancing daisy! I have one in my office that was a gift from our neighbor. I love it, too, when it is dancing in the sun!

  5. This is a verybust time of the year isn't it? I made up my Thanksgiving shopping list today and I'm thinking ahead to the Christmas season's "to do's"!

    There were no Wal-Marts in NYC--not one! I guess the rents were too high there for them? Since moving here I have been going to our local Wal-Mart from time to time for a variety of goods. They remind me of the old time Woolworth stores.

    Thank you for your good wishes to me on facebook for my eye surgery and recovery. I feel a little better every day but my vision still ahs a long way to go till I know how well I will see. I'm glad to have it done and over --it was not pleasant surgery to go through.