Monday, March 17, 2014

Gifts Turned, Folded, Hung

a yellow bell pepper* in my kitchen

Do you read Ann Voskamp's daily blog?  You can find her at: 

She has written a book, One Thousand Gifts, and she encourages us to find three things for which to be thankful each day. She has put together what she calls the "Joy Dare Collection," which is a printable pdf of 3 pages giving suggestions of what to be grateful for on each day all through the year.

Today it's "a gift turned, folded, hung."  Hmm. That's like a riddle! Here are my answers, with pictures:

"a gift turned"
I am very thankful for my car with 4 tires that turn and serve me well as I toodle around town.

"a gift folded"

Yesterday was my birthday. Among the many delightful gifts sent to me was this beautiful set of fabric napkins from my sister, along with 4 silver napkin rings.  Napkins can be folded, or even better, easily brought through napkin rings for a softer look.  Thank you, Judy!

"a gift hung"

Can  you guess what this is?  Hint: we are back in my garage.

It's the track holding one side of my garage door.  I went on an errand after lunch today and when I got back, I discovered that the nut and bolt that hold together the curved track and the hanging support had fallen off onto the floor. We found the bolt right away, but the nut has rolled off somewhere yet to be discovered.

Beloved got out his ladder and tools, along with a spare nut in his collection of manly things, and quickly fixed the problem.  So not only am I thankful for a [repaired] garage door track, but also for a husband who is handy with projects like that.

If you would like to leave a comment today, share with us what you are thankful for that is (1) turned, (2) folded, and (3) hung.

I have that feature turned off that makes you read the scrambled letters and numbers.  Locate the gray rectangular box below where it says "no comments" (or "1 comment", etc), click on the word "comments" and leave your answer.  You can even reply as "anonymous" if you want. I'd enjoy seeing how you answer this "riddle." 

By the way, there are no wrong answers!


*The yellow bell pepper didn't really have anything to do with today's subject, but I like to have an esthetically pleasing photo at the beginning of my blog posts, as opposed to a picture of my muddy garage floor and dusty tires!  

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