Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birthday Reflections

purple crocus in my previous yard, 2011

Today is my birthday.  I won't tell you how many years on the off chance you've been thinking I'm younger than I really am. 

One of the joys of a March birthday is seeing spring birth itself  while I celebrate my own life. We moved into our new house 11 months ago, so this year is the first to see crocus coming up in the flower bed by the front steps. Yesterday I went in search of Gladiola bulbs for the side flower bed.  We live on a corner, so we have more areas to embellish with natural beauty.  I hope to share pictures of these big showy blossoms this summer.

While spring is trying to push its way into our days, in Colorado  it's like three steps forward and two steps back. We often have late winter or early spring storms that bring clouds and wet, heavy snow.  March is our snowiest month of the year -- and not just in the mountains. One could say it's seldom dull around here.  We keep our boots and sandals handy at all times! 

But back to birthday talk.  If you were to ask me what I have planned for this new year, I would have to say that in large part I am still settling into what the previous year brought and making my peace with it.

Change is change -- even when it's good.  It took me months to instinctively turn in the correct direction to find my silverware drawer in this new kitchen! Old habits die hard, as they say.

Everything was unpacked and put in place months ago, and would you believe that I am still making frequent trips to the donation places to get rid of stuff?! It's not that we are crowded here but more that I have become fond of de-cluttering! 

I have come to the conclusion that we spend much of our life hunting and gathering, then there's a time to enjoy the accumulation, followed by the realization that we don't need so much.  Plus, what we have tends to "own" us with it's upkeep, even if that means only finding a place to put it and keep it dusted.

Well, these are my thoughts and pearls of wisdom at my ripe old age of ?? and I will leave you with that.

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  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    As for simplifying ones life, living with seemingly less opens our hearts for more of what matters.
    Keep up the good work, our cupboards are filled with just what we need, and drawers with flatware no junk, walls are clear of sweet little this and that's leavening space for the room to breathe. Keep up the good work you will feel so good when you have reached a goal of achievement.

    I noticed your movie list being pretty much mine, the movie fly wheel loving it for so many more reasons the selling cars as a car salesman, I have a friend who sells cars high-end and used that I loaned it to them it was a real wake up call to who we should be serving and the blessings will follow. I found myself tearing up, crying my eyes out in endearment showing us Gods work in how he is so much bigger then mans junk!

    Thank you sweet new friend for taking the time to visit me, taking notice of my Artful Bloging magazine feature and best taking the time to comment me that joyed my heart with your grace and beauty.

    Will be seeing you soon, no worries on age, when my daughter was 10 I was working on a model home with her help, exhausted from the long hauling day she said Mommy lets run to the car, I said I can't I am toooo old, her dear sweet comment still 11 years later ring...No your still new !

    Blessings to your new-ness !

    Doré Callaway