Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding Report

Eaves Dropping, Fashion and Garden Editor from the Gecko Gazette

(ahem) Good morning! (pause)

(Can you hear me now?  Okay, yes.)

Good Morning! This is Eaves Dropping coming to you live from Magnolia Lodge in northeastern Florida, reporting on the Royal Wedding. I am watching the guests as they file into the family room and choose their seats in front of the large flat screen TV.

Lily on the left; Mandy Sue on the right
True to the customs of Royal Wedding dictates, I see the guests are appropriately attired. The ladies' dresses are knee-length or longer, no one is stealing the show with a white frock to compete with the bride, and the required hats and fascinators are lovely as well as gravity-defying.

Some are choosing to stand so they can see better
When some cannot see over the myriad of large hats, standing is allowed in this private venue for the wedding. 

problems with feathers and frocks
While hats for the ladies are a requirement for Royal Wedding dress codes, the size and angle of perch on the heads is entirely up to the wearer, no matter how bothersome those choices may turn out to be for others.

I see that Mandy Sue is pushing the rule about 'no sleeveless dresses' but for the sake of civility and peace I'll just say her bodice has 'cap sleeves.'

waiting with eager anticipation
The hour is VERY early here in the East Coast Time Zone. At the last Royal Wedding that it was my privilege to cover, most of the guests showed up in their pajamas (along with their hats). It is refreshing to see the appropriate level of respect this time with Harry and Meghan's nuptials.

ya snooze, ya lose!
But wait! (BJ, zoom in here for a closer look)  We have a guest who has fallen asleep! Already! The service has not even begun yet! He looks like he's out for the count! (I even hear a low snore going on!)

Grammy Bear
"Grammy Bear, have you noticed that your husband is asleep as we await the start of the most memorable wedding of the year? Can you explain his lack of manners for the audience?"

Looking a little disgruntled, she takes a slow, deep breath and then explains that Grandad Bear is understandably very tired at this pre-dawn hour. He stayed up late last night watching a movie about Thor, the god of Thunder as he sought to save his homeland of Asgard. 

With that said, she turned away to discourage further questions and I chose to leave the matter alone. The situation speaks for itself.

watching with rapt attention and snoring from one
My photographer and I did not take any pictures during the ceremony because cell phones were not allowed inside the cathedral. But as soon as the newly-wedded couple exited into the outdoor sunshine and gave the public the long-desired kiss, our cameras were rolling once again.

carriage ride collage
The remainder of the wedding festivities went on without a hitch as our viewers took in every movement and detail, clear down to the red bows on the horses' bridles.

Browned Butter Banana Nut Muffin
It wasn't until the scent of freshly-brewed coffee and 'wedding cake' wafted past the nose of our sleeping guest  that he woke and took more of an interest in what was going on around him. 

As I close out this report of the Royal Wedding, let me take a moment to say how refreshing it has been to see such beauty, order, and decorum for a most solemn ritual in our society. 

At a time when there are wars and rumors of war, disasters in nature, and violence in places intended for peace, it is heartening to see that not all the world has lost its its senses - yet.

This is Eaves Dropping, reporting to you from Magnolia Lodge. Good day.

Eaves Dropping of the Gecko Gazette in the photo editing booth